5 Companies Looking to Hire Freelancers Worldwide


1/2/20242 min read

Discover exciting freelance opportunities with these five global companies actively seeking freelancers.

These companies offer a diverse range of projects and a chance to showcase your expertise on a global scale.

  1. Clearvoice

    ClearVoice is a dynamic platform that seamlessly connects talented freelancer writers with exciting freelance opportunities.

    ClearVoice offers a user-friendly interface for writers, editors, and content creators to explore and apply for projects that match their skills and expertise.

    With a vast range of writing jobs available, ClearVoice empowers freelancers to showcase their talents and build rewarding partnerships with clients seeking top-notch content.

  1. Growbo (formerly Autogrow)

    Work with a team of talented, friendly people from all around the world to gain experience and improve your current skills.

    Growbo always looking to bring new talent to the team. Their whole workforce does the job at home or anywhere, so you’ll have flexible hours. Choose the time when you’re most productive. You can work part-time at first then grow to full time in the future.

    They are currently looking to hire the following:

    • Ads manager

    • Ads strategist

    • Content writer

    • Copywriter

    • Designer

    • Digital marketing strategist

    • Social media manager

    • Video editor

    • Virtual assistant

    • More

  1. Automattic

    Automattic is a web development company that has been entirely distributed since 2005. Managing a distributed workforce, Automattic employs 1,956 remote professionals in 97 countries worldwide speaking 120 different languages and considers remote work to be a fundamental component of its business model, which it has used since its inception.

    By registering, individuals become part of Automattic's Talent Community instead of submitting a direct application. Automattic will reach out to them when an available role aligns with their experience.

  2. Superside

    Superside is a fully remote future-of-work startup, offering strategic creative solutions and technology to big brands, including Amazon, Facebook, Twitch, Puma, LVMH, RedBull, and many others.

    They work together in teams and with customers through their leading in house creative platform, enabling seamless collaboration, amazing virtual interaction, and efficient work across all time zones.

    They recruit top talent around the world, now spanning 60+ countries with 500+ team members.

  3. Mayple

    Mayple is a platform that connects creative digital marketers with businesses eager to expand quickly.

    Unlike more general freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork, Mayple evaluates all signups and rates their skill sets in the process. They then present an onboarding questionnaire to assist firms in connecting with the finest marketing resource available.

    So if you’re an expert in PPC (Pay-per-click), email marketing, CRO (Conversion rate
    optimization), social media management, or SEO (search engine optimization), apply now.

    IMPORTANT: Should the position be unavailable, you have missed the opportunity.

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