8 Remote Work Opportunities: High-Paying Jobs with Flexible Schedules


1/1/20242 min read

Are you tired of the traditional 9-to-5 office grind?

Looking for remote work opportunities that not only allow you to make your own schedule but also offer high-paying positions?

We explore several companies offering worldwide and US-based jobs that provide the flexibility you desire along with competitive salaries.

1. DuckDuckGo: Worldwide Full-Time Opportunities

- DuckDuckGo, known for its privacy-focused search engine, offers an array of full-time remote jobs worldwide. Positions include Senior UX Writer, Director of Public Policy, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, and Senior Software Engineer for Windows desktop apps.

- Benefits: Remote-first company, competitive salaries (averaging $100,000 - $200,000 per year), commitment to personal growth, leadership diversity, and work-life balance.

2. Toggl: Worldwide Full-Time Jobs

- Toggl, a productivity tools company, provides remote work opportunities globally. Job offerings include roles like Accountant, Senior Product Manager, Head of Brand and Content Marketing, Backend Engineer, and Senior Front-End Engineer.

- Benefits: Flexible work hours, work freedom, generous paid time off, parental leave, sabbatical, budget for professional development, and comprehensive health and well-being benefits.

3. Close: Full-Time Positions in the USA

- Close, a company with a remote-friendly approach, primarily offers jobs in the United States. Positions include Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, and Sales Development Representative.

- Benefits: Paid time off, family leave, health coverage, 401(k) with a 6% match, company goal-based bonuses, and the possibility of a 4-day work week.

4. Remote.com: Worldwide Full-Time Positions

- Remote.com, a global remote work facilitator, presents a vast array of jobs across different domains. Examples include Sales Development Representative, Data Analyst, Customer Support Specialist, and more.

- Benefits: Work from anywhere, unlimited personal time off, flexible working hours, stock options, and various budget allocations for home office setup, professional development, and well-being.

5. Working Solutions: USA/Canada Flexible Customer Service Roles

- Working Solutions specializes in customer service roles primarily in the United States and Canada. Opportunities include Customer Service Representative, Early Access Positions, and various part-time roles.

- Benefits: Flexibility in scheduling, independent contractor positions, and earning potential up to $19 per hour.

6. WeLocalize: Worldwide Part-Time Language Jobs

- WeLocalize, a global translation and localization company, frequently hires worldwide for language-related roles. Positions like Quality Coordinator and Video Editor are commonly available.

- Requirements: Fluency in specific languages, work flexibility, and a desire to contribute to global content quality.

7. Toluna: Worldwide Survey and Opinion Jobs

- Toluna Influencers offers opportunities worldwide for individuals interested in participating in surveys and providing opinions on various topics.

- Requirements: Basic computer and internet skills, an ability to express opinions, and availability to participate in surveys.

8. Sticker Mule: Worldwide Full-Time Positions

- Sticker Mule, known for custom printing services, hires for various positions globally. Roles like Display PPC Specialist and Site Reliability Engineer are currently available.

- Benefits: Competitive salaries, signing bonuses (e.g., $20,000), health and dental insurance, hardware and software support for home offices, and flexible working hours.

IMPORTANT: Should the position be unavailable, you have missed the opportunity.

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